Pete Bridgwood is the creator and curator of Masters Of Vision. He is a fine-art landscape photographer and writer from Southwell. Pete has been part of the judging panels for Outdoor Photographer Of The Year and Landscape Photographer Of The Year and writes a monthly column in Outdoor Photography Magazine. 

“I have an obsession, an obsession with creating beautiful imagery. Like all photographers I want to share my obsession and display my imagery to an audience, in the hope that my images will stimulate reflection, appreciation, inspiration and most of all enjoyment.

As a digital artist, digital manipulation of my images is a vital part of their creation, I use the creative process (both at the capture stage and in post-processing) to subtly enhance the ‘atmosphere’ and ‘soul’ of a scene rather than to corrupt or debase it. 

The enduring lure of landscape photography is perpetuated for me, by emotional transference. The seemingly impossible challenge of encapsulating the emotion surrounding a special moment in time and successfully transferring all that emotion through to the viewer of the final exhibited print.”