JCJulian Calverley is a British landscape and advertising photographer.

Born in Hertfordshire in 1964, he very quickly demonstrated a love and natural talent for drawing and painting, in particular watercolour landscape work.

After a brief and uninspiring spell at art college, Julian realised it was the mix of photography and traditional darkroom skills that would allow him to express himself most effectively. The next few years saw experience gained with various studios, and in 1988, at 24 years old, he set up his first studio and darkroom.

At home both in the studio and on location, shooting peope, landscape, automotive and underwater, his cinematic style, mixed with a resourceful and passionate nature, has gained him a solid and trusted reputation with some of the worlds most prestigious clients.

He now divides his time between personal and assigned work.

His personal landscapes have been featured in various solo and group gallery shows, a wide variety of photography publications and national press, the Association of Photographers awards and in the last five Lürzer’s Archive ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’ annuals.

Commercially he is represented in the UK by the Lisa Pritchard Agency, London, in the US by Greenhouse Reps, New York and in Asia by Alphaville, Hong Kong.

For Masters of Vision 2015, Julian will be showing images from his highly acclaimed book ‘#IPHONEONLY’: a book of landscape photographs made entirely on an iPhone.


So for someone that works predominantly with medium format digital backs.. why a book on iPhone photographs..?

“..It was my good friend and fellow photographer, Jack Lowe, who first introduced me to the Instagram app. back in 2012, and I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed using it. In fact, it soon became clear that the real surprise was actually how much I was enjoying using my iPhone’s camera to take pictures.

It’d never really occurred to me before to use a phone camera, having always considered my ‘professional’ camera equipment to be the only real choice. I was finding myself photographing simple scenes, things that I would have ordinarily passed by, making simple observations. It became liberating.

The spontaneous and portable nature of the iPhone, plus the availability of some rather neat image processing apps, makes it a powerful and fun tool, capable of some surprisingly good results.

Often when I’m out and about in the landscape, I find myself waiting for a certain quality of light or sea state, or for weather to change, and it’s those moments when I often take a picture or two with my phone camera. Sometimes it is simply to record the scene in front of me, other times to take a portrait of my main ALPA ® camera, a sort of ‘lonely selfie’ almost as proof to myself that I was there, and often, when scouting a location, the camera acts as a visual notebook, to record specific locations to which I’ll return to.

This book is a collection of those landscape photographs.”

You can follow Julian’s #iphoneonly adventures here