DB600David Baker is a seascape and forest photographer based in Southampton. He has exhibited widely around the country. In January 2013 he was named Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2012 and became part of the competition judging panel in 2014. He has been a category winner in the annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and has featured in the accompanying books.

During the past three years David’s work has concentrated on two projects – Sea Fever and Ridge Trees.

Sea Fever focuses on the power and energy of the sea. Waves are expressions of the sea’s moods and Sea Fever is David’s interpretation of those moods. His first book ‘Seafever’ was published in December 2013.

Ridge Trees concentrates on three geographical points within the New Forest, Hampshire. All images have been made at dawn, in mist and during autumn and winter.

David’s work is showcased on his long established photoblog at milouvision.com. He is a member of the collaborative landscape group Landscape Collective UK.

David is represented by Trevillion Images, Arcangel Images and Lumas Gallery and is supported by Fotospeed.