In a photographic career that has spanned four decades, David has received wide critical acclaim for his work. His landscape photographs were first published in 1989 by MARCO (Hong Kong) in an article marking the 150th anniversary of photography and looking to the next generation. David’s images have been described as “providing soul for buildings” and have been exhibited all over the world. He has taken part in over forty national & international art fairs and his work is included in the private collections in over fourteen countries.

David has also taken part in more than thirty-five group shows and a number of two man shows and solo shows in London and abroad. In the UK his pictures have been seen in venues ranging from The Royal College of Art to The Royal Academy of Art and internationally from New York to Hong Kong.

David campaigns for the inclusion of art budgets within newly commissioned buildings, particularly hospitals, and Hospices, he raises money for various charities through his artwork. He believes passionately in using art to banish the austere reputation of clinical environments and his work is included in the collections of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London; the Marie Curie Hospice, West Midlands; and St Wilfred’s, East Sussex. Hall has worked tirelessly to raise money for various charities through his artwork, collectively raising over £100,000, most recently as one of the Face Time artists for The Art Room alongside artists such as Antony Gormley, Maggi Hambling and Cornelia Parker.


“The act of nature is central to the philosophy of my work. I seek to ignite the fundamental connectedness between our all-consuming race and the natural environment that has born us. Whilst searching for meaning in existence and ancestry, I uncovered a living bridge to our origins in the form of Trees.

The distinct and prehistoric form of a tree provides a tie between ourselves and our earthly origins; dating back hundreds of millions of years, each has borne witness to our evolution, our life and perhaps finally our demise. Trees are the foundations of our very existence: they have shaped us; they are the earth’s lungs; they recycle our water and store our carbon; they are the rawmaterial of both construction and fuel; and they are symbols of our relationship and weight on the earth.

Sheer scale of time and proportion are key elements of my practice, with works gathering impact from their larger-than-life size – growing so to reflect and transcend time. Confronting the viewer with a continuing ancient beauty, my images provide an obvious escape, as well as an invitation to explore our own ephemeral relationship with our natural, yet ultimately changing, world.

I aim to reveal the wonder and harmony of the natural world, producing images that emanate the very presence of nature, reminding us of its forceful past and present. By picking out every exquisite detail of form and atmosphere, my images are designed to envelop the viewer: providing a window in which to gaze and empowering an expression of their existence within the magnitude of creation.”